Misener Private
Holdings Corporation

Inspiring Performance Excellence

Don't think of us as management … Think of us as the Calvary.

Misener Private Holdings Corporation is, as its name suggests, a privately owned holdings company and management services firm. We hold an eclectic collection of companies, divisions, brands and products, strategically positioned in key markets, and carefully divided into managed portfolios. Each of our investments is supported by advanced infrastructure, expert management services, governance and hands-on leadership.

We engage wholly owned, majority-minority managed, venture partnership and arms length arrangements, wherever viable, and interface with the companies at several levels:

• assignment to directly supervised portfolios;
• integration of global functions enabling focus on production;
• appointment of representatives to corporate boards;
• in some cases, embedding of company executives.

Technical Structure
Misener PHC was founded in 2013 as a Canadian-Controlled, Private Corporation (CCPC) under the Canada Business Corporations Act. We fall under a "divisional eurobrit" organization led by a chief managing director under the general supervision of a mixed corporate board; however, this being said, most of our companies are a traditional divisional bureaucracy.

Leadership Philosophy
Leaders know their industry, their charge and themselves, and they solve problems, fast. They arm their people with what they need to succeed, and constantly strive to improve the work environment. Good leaders are courageous, clear and confident; they inspire others to achieve - they inspire performance excellence.

Leaders are authentic and positive, they manage through influence. Integrity, decency, hard work, loyalty and other important traits are a given. True leaders are this and more: they are 'evangelists' for their company, product or brand. They establish ambitious goals and build consensus amongst stakeholders. Leaders are the Captains of industry, the masters of the ship, and they are able and willing perform every job that needs to be done, take care of every detail.

Leadership is that winning combination of formal, informal and experiential learning, interpersonal communication skills and drive, the belief that success is the only outcome.

Bureaucrats say "Go!" but Leaders say "Let's Go!"

Technology Inputs
We invest heavily into technology and take a global approach to the selection and deployment of critical infrastructure, with key server facilities spanning the globe, now (red) and more planned for the future (blue). In 2016 we enacted a plan to divest and strongly limit investment into "bricks and mortar" operations in favour of virtual, internet and flexible low-core-cost operations.

Employment Opportunities
Thank-you for your interest in Misener Private Holdings Corporation. We are the human resources contact for all of our companies. You will will find postings below, as well as coordinates for correspondence (you are welcome to submit at any time, even if there is no posting). We tend to keep submissions on file for one year.

Each opportunity is unique so read the posting carefully and follow the instructions exactly. Describe in your covering letter how you meet the requirements or, if you do not meet all of them, specify UNDER FILL and you may still be in the running. Successful applicants to posted opportunities will normally be contacted within eight weeks.

Sorry, there are no positions available at this time.

Job IDPostedClosedCompanyJob Title, DepartmentLink

Very Important! Offers of employment, and the continuation of employment, is conditional on the verification of documents, immigration status, compliance with our policies, social media examination, medical and security screening, which may include drug testing, and in the most general interpretation, any other testing and evaluation we stipulate, and this is at the sole option and discretion of Misener PHC. Failure on your part to subject to this, or failure to meet our standards, precludes you from employment and signifies your withdrawal or resignation, as the case may be. This is permanent, absolute and non-negotiable. Anything and everything may be used for screening. We may but are not obligated to discuss your screening with you. In all cases, we have the absolute right to take whatever action we elect: engage, not engage, modify specifications, etc.

You are welcome to apply by land mail, fax or e-mail (below); however, uninvited telephone calls will not be accepted.

Global Human Resources
Misener Private Holdings Corporation
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Confidential Fax: +1 (289) 434-5172
E-Mail: employment@misenerprivate.com