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Holdings Corporation

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Buckshot Farms Inc.
Buckshot Farms Inc. was founded in 2009 as a multi-purpose equestrian farm, and later expanded into agrarian farming, energy (natural gas, wind, etc), experimental crops and scientific research. While most of these business lines have been discontinued, and assets sold, Buckshot Farms Inc. continues to manage residual assets and intellectual property.


Longford Properties Ltd.
Longford Properties Ltd. is an action-sized property management firm specializing in residential rentals (short and long term) as well as maintenance, security and project management services.


Misener Private Holdings Corporation
Misener Private Holdings Corporation is, as its name suggests, a privately owned holdings company and management services firm. It holds an eclectic collection of companies, divisions, brands and products, strategically positioned in key markets, and carefully divided into managed portfolios. Each of these investments is supported by advanced infrastructure, expert management services, governance and hands-on leadership.


Northtower Portfolio
Northtower Portfolio is a collection of interests organized into a Limited Liability Company (LLC), headquartered at Las Vegas, Nevada (USA). Misener PHC is appointed manager for Northtower and generally superintends its affairs, foreign and domestic.

Contact: Chief Manager, Northtower Portfolio at Misener Private Holdings Corporation

Signal High Networks Inc.
Signal High Networks Inc. is an accredited global news and information service specializing in the operation of Experience Reporting Services (ERS). These systems allow visitors to share their experiences in a secure, identity-protected environment - collaborating with others who have the same interest or concern. Each ERS feeds at least one news broadcast, publications, as well as a powerful database tool. Signal High supports a worldwide cadre of investigative reporters, writer-journalists, researchers, operators and support personnel.


Ten North Holdings Corporation
Ten North Holdings Corporation, a minority-managed enterprise, is a newly formed management company headquartered at Niagara Falls (Ontario) Canada. It is positioned to enter into the vacation-adventure market in Central America, specifically Costa Rica.


The Fairworld Trading Co. Ltd.
The Fairworld Trading Co. Ltd. is a global fair trade concern that connects artisans and craftspersons from some of the poorest places on earth to lucrative global markets. Its collections (a.k.a. Brands) are presented online (e-tail), at shows and conferences (retail) and through select channel partners (wholesale). Fairworld also administers a fair trade certification program, supporting growth and sustainability efforts.


Divested, Closed and Non-Operating Companies

R. J. Audwalt Industries
R. J. Audwalt Industries Ltd. was founded under minority-management as a venture in the growing home economics market segment of North America. It offered a wide variety of time and money saving products and services, do-it-yourself projects and thrift activities over four operating divisions: Marie Patisserie, Chef James International, Running with Scissors and Chef's Choice. Misener PHC divested itself of this "bricks and mortar" investment, selling two of the lines and dissolving the others. The company is now closed, maintained here for reference purposes only.

Steckley Aquatics Inc. (en) Steckley Aquatique Inc. (fr)
Steckley Aquatics Inc. (en) Steckley Aquatique Inc. (fr) was established under minority-management as a private aquatics and health maintenance facility to deliver specialized training programs for emergency response, law enforcement and military personnel. The company, named for its first chief executive, diversified into other lines of business, including niche publishing and specialty supply, but was subsequently categorized "bricks and mortar" and divested by Misener PHC. The company is now closed, maintained here for reference purposes only.