Misener Private
Holdings Corporation

Inspiring Performance Excellence

Supporting Kids in Air Cadets

Niagara Falls (RSS). Misener Private Holdings Corporation is pleased to gift to the 126th Squadron of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets an award-winning web site, complete with archives, historical research, interactive areas for the members, command profiles and more.

Credit to Steckley Aquatics Inc. and Buckshot Farms Inc. for their contributions to this project. We are so pleased our contribution could bolster the good work of this organization.

Technology Investment in Montreal

Niagara Falls (RSS). Clayton Misener, the CEO of Misener Private Holdings Corporation, today announced that the firm is consolidating and transferring its network servers and systems control facilities to Montreal, Quebec.

"This is an opportunity to realize some cost savings through consolidation. We will connect directly to the fastest private internet bandwidth available in Canada. It will have no impact on development and maintenance operations, which will continue to be performed locally," said Misener. He added, "we currently have more than forty domains, and at least a dozen specialized applications so buying large-scale internet connectivity better serves the companies as they grow..”

Misener would not provide the exact location of the new facility for security reasons; however, he did say that the server will be "mirrored and backed up very regularly."