Misener Private
Holdings Corporation

Inspiring Performance Excellence

Bricks and Mortar

Niagara Falls (RSS). Misener Private Holdings Corporation has announced its intention to realign its investment strategy to exclude traditional, “bricks and mortar” operations.

“We gave great consideration to this. We looked at where we’re at with some of these companies, looked at the startup and operating requirements for similar investments, we looked at this top to bottom. The end result is that after great consideration we simply don’t see our future success in bricks and mortar investments. So a decision has been taken to gradually divest ourselves of holdings that are grounded, bricks and mortar, and physical infrastructure heavy, and to focus on lighter, more global, technology-centric opportunities. This represents a shift in our business model and strategic plan.” - Clayton Misener, chief managing director of Misener Private Holdings Corporation on exiting a meeting of directors.

R. J. Audwalt: New LOB a Cut Above

St. Catharines (RSS). R. J. Audwalt Industries Ltd. is pleased to announce a new operating division: Running with Scissors (RwS). RwS is a unique production facility offering customized print on clothing, giftware, ceramics and much more. Running with Scissors is being studied for later expansion - as a small business kit or franchise.