Misener Private
Holdings Corporation

Inspiring Performance Excellence

Building Blocks (End 2013)

St. Catharines (RSS). According to Clayton Misener, chief managing director of Misener Private Holdings Corporation, 2013 was a real success. "We enhanced our equity position and acquired some excellent technologies - building blocks for our future. We are in a great position for the coming year."

Steckley AI now Held Majority

Niagara Falls (RSS). Misener Private Holdings Corporation has enhanced its equity position in Steckley Aquatics Inc. (en) Steckley Aquatique Inc. (fr) and now has a majority hold. The company (Steckley AI) will be realigning its business focus and, potentially, adding new lines of business diversifying its service offering.

Continued Success (End 2015)

St. Catharines (RSS). "We did a great job in 2015 and I am looking forward to building new lines of business (in 2017) and having future success overall." - Clayton Misener, chief managing director, Misener PHC.

Innovation to Prosperity (End 2016)

St. Catharines (RSS). "This (2016) was a spectacular year for innovation. I suspect that next year (2017) will be prosperous and expansive,” said Misener PHC chief executive Clayton Misener in a recent interview.