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StableAlliance and Buck$hop Moved

St. Catharines (RSS). Signal High Networks Inc. is taking over ownership of an experience reporting service (ERS) project initiated by Buckshot Farms Inc., StableAlliance.com - a highly specialized, anti-fraud and loss prevention system to support the equine, equestrian and boarded livestock community.

Furthermore, the remaining inventory from the Buck$hop - the online shop established by Buckshot - will also be transferred to Signal High for incorporation into its online shop, details to be announced.

Introducing Signal High Networks Inc.

Niagara Falls (RSS). Misener Private Holdings Corporation is pleased to announce the organization of Signal High Networks Inc. (http://www.signalhigh.net), established August 2017.

Signal High is a global news and information service specializing in the delivery of experience reporting services.

"This is entirely a Misener inititive, we are building cadres of investigative reporters, writer-journalists, researchers, operators and support personnel the world over to support it," said Clayton Misener, chief managing director Misener PHC and president pro tempore Signal High, "we already have three systems in the making and we expect to be up and running within a year.”